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Adept II

rx 5600 xt / HDMI not working!!!!!!! / NETFLIX CRASH (EDGE browser)


i7 (4c/8t) @4.8ghz, rx 5600 xt, 750w gold+, 240 hz 0,3ms monitor

1) Hdmi issues since i bought the card. Windows 10 all patches newest drivers. When i plug my tv via hdmi its not recognizing it no sound out of speakers. In drivers my tv is shown as using DVI-d with max resoluton 640x480 6 bit. Tried 4 different hdmi cables, DDU, windows reinstall. Its working fine in my old hd 7870 xt same drivers/windows.


1) plug a 1080p tv with hdmi to card.

2) Both screens go dark.

3) Force reset pc

4) windows lanuches with main screen(monitor) working

5) force resolution using adrenaline for TV to 1080p

6) turn on split screen.

7) 1080p 6bit only and blurry on TV // monitor works fine

8) turn off TV when going sleep

9) monitor also goes dark

10) force shutdown pc

2) When i watch netflix using edge browser my pc crashes randomly. Also i have lag on screen in movies.

Also when i turn off split screen my pc crash.


Yesterday i played battlefield 4 and battlefield badcompany 2. Both games cpu usage is at 30% gpu at 25% with gpucore at 800-1000mhz. Resulting in only 160 fps.... on 240hz. When i put 144hz fps are at 120-130... with gpu/cpu at like 20%. Both are 7 and 12 year old games... In battlefield 4 when i push 4K resolution i get stable 240 fps and clock seems stable. Cant fix it for badcompany 2 thou. All on ultra results in max 45% gpu/cpu use and still 160 fps. When i put my old hd 7870 xt i have 200+ fps in both games at 80-100% gpu usage.

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