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Adept I

RX 5600 - No boot after GPU driver installation

Problem: Windows does not boot after I install the GPU driver.

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909.

GPU: Sapphire RX 5600 XT, latest BIOS versions from Sapphire. 

MDB: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX, latest BIOS from MSI. 

Every time I try to install the driver for the GPU, the PC restarts and never boots into normal mode again. I have tried this installation maybe 20 times each time changing something (driver version, windows version, bios version, monitors, cables, PCI-e slots, and so on...used DDU in every possible way also) 


I am able to boot in Safe Mode and there I can see the Driver of the GPU installed in the Device Manager. If I disable it or uninstall it there, Windows boots normally again.

AMD drivers that I have tried: 20.1.3; 20.1.4; 20.2.2 (manually installation in Device manager or automatic in Adrenalin Software)

Windows Versions Tested: Windows 10 Pro x64 and Windows 10 LTSC x64.

Tried this also without a monitor attached via TeamViewer.



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Adept I

Also have exactly the same problem. Originally I thought my card died but scouring the web, I found there are many with the same issue. My card had been working fine until recently. 

I have also tried all of the above and then some. Freezing at windows load screen on booting and black screen during during installation of driversAs with everyone else here. I have tried DDU, all applicable driver versions, latest bios from sapphire etc.

Adept I

Exact same issue. 2 months of working fine, then poof. Right in the middle of quarantine. Microsoft display adapter works tho, so my pc turned into a 1000$ netflix machine.

Journeyman III


Has anyone found any solution yet ? I have the exact same issue on my 5600 XT. I started having this same problem 2 weeks ago but i'm not sure if after driver or Windows update. So for a few weeks i managed to get to Windows but only after making about 10 restarts. Yesterday i didn't managed to get in anymore. I then tried to go to safe mode (which works) and like you guys deleted the driver and worked with Windows Display driver. I then tried to install every single old 5600 XT driver but everytime the Windows went black and Windows wouldn't boot anymore. I also reinstalled Windows 10 1909 twice and on the last attempt i didn't even get to first login anymore. Now i have Windows 10 1903 ISO on my work computer and i will try and install it and report back to you guys with results. And if you have any other solution please share

EDIT: Good news guys. After installing Windows 10 1903 from a year old ISO i immediately disabled Windows update service (also from startup) and installed latest drivers (20.4.1). No black screen and Windows is also booting without problem. Now i did change one more thing so i can't say for sure which one helped but i'm guessing the Windows one. Before installing Windows 10 i changed boot from CMS to UEFI in BIOS. I tried changing this when i first had problems but the Windows didn't even boot to loading screen and it only worked when installing fresh installation.

Adept I

I ended up buying another GPU, the same model as the one that didn't work anymore.

Good part is now everything works fine, bad part, I went trough hell trying to fix the old one.

So my recommendation is: in case you have this issue, send the card back and get a new one.