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Journeyman III

rx 560 - No DVI after Windows Load

I just built a new Windows machine with Win 11 and reused my old rx 560, which is plenty good enough for what I do. I use both HDMI and DVI monitors. Latest AMD graphics drivers installed (23.4.1), but though both monitors show at post and duplicate display if I choose BIOS settings, when Windows loads the DVI disappears. If I only try the DVI display, I have no graphics after Windows loads and the monitor will cycle through the inputs looking for a signal. HDMI works fine. I've tried the toubleshooting tips found online but they're pretty limited and I've had no success. Any ideas would be appreciated.

This graphics card worked fine with my Win10 setup.


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In this case, please try checking if the DVI cable is properly connected to both the monitor and the graphics card. You can also try using a different DVI cable or a different DVI port on the graphics card to see if it resolves the issue. If that doesn't work, you can try updating the BIOS of your motherboard and updating the drivers for your graphics card. You can also try rolling back to a previous version of the graphics driver that worked fine with your Win10 setup to see if that fixes the issue.

Another thing to try is to boot into Safe Mode and see if the DVI display works there. If it does, it may indicate a conflict with a driver or software program that is causing the issue. You can then try disabling or uninstalling any recently installed drivers or software to see if it resolves the issue.

If none of these solutions work, it may be a hardware issue with the DVI port on the graphics card, and you may need to consider getting a replacement graphics card.

PC Hardware Specialist

It's obviously not the cable, graphics are fine until the driver loads. Both monitors work in safe mode, it's obviously the driver. I did solve the problem: I replaced the AMD with a Nvidia card and things work great. I've been an AMD user and promoter, both processors and graphics, for literally decades and it's very disappointing to find this kind of bug and no way to address it. Are you listening, AMD? Does anyone really care?