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Journeyman III

RX 5500 XT Nitro+ crashes

Have crashes on some games with my new RX 5500 XT Nitro+. Sometimes there are artifacts before crashing in the form of discolored squares and/or black dots with light around them, sometimes a game will just blackscreen with an error or stop responding and a couple of times my PC just rebooted itself.

I installed my old GPU for a couple of days and had no issues, so the problem must be in the new GPU.

The list of things I tried:

  • tried different drives
  • tried installing them with device manager
  • used DDU and AMD driver removal Utility
  • tried on the fresh installed Windows
  • Installed chipset drivers
  • different graphics options in games
  • different monitors and cables
  • Updating bios
  • trying different setting in the Radeon software
  • latest Windows updates
  • Probably some other things I forgot

My PC specs:


Also some facts:

  • I noticed that the "simpler" games like Factorio, Among Us, Mindustry, Furi, Ronin don't cause any crashes.
  • I tried different stress test options in the OCCT program and had 0 errors.

Sorry for clanky English I am not a native speaker, please write if any more info needed it's my first time building a PC thanks in advance for any help, I am getting desperate here.

edit: is this the right place for this question? pls let me know

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