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Journeyman III

RX 550 drivers corrupts Ubuntu 18.04 / 18.10 / 19.04

Graphic card: Radeon RX 550

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2

Driver version: 19.10 (Release date: 4/19/2019)

Problem: after installing the driver using amdgpu-pro-install the OS fails to boot in. The final state it reached is console window with last state "Started GNOME Display Manager." It gets stuck here forever. The only fix for this is to boot up into safe mode and remove the driver with amdgpu-pro-uninstall.

Additional information: the graphics card works without the drivers, but the max it can get is 2560x1080@60 or 3440x1440@30 .I have a ultra wide screen 34" 3440x1440 so I obviously need the driver...

Also tried with Ubuntu 18.10, 19.04 and several latest versions of LinuxMint - problem is same.

Windows driver works fine and I can get the 3440x1440@60 easily.

I've already spent about 12 hours with this and starting to think that I either have to trash the card or go even worse way - back to windows...

Any suggestions where could be wrong with this? Anyone ever got Ubuntu working with this card?

thanks in advance!



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Journeyman III

I had the same experience with a Thinkpad E480 with an RX550 GPU on Ubuntu 18.04. Never found a solution.


That is trully unfortunate...