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RX 550 don't work correctly on steam games and drivers cause white stripes

3 Days Ago I bought Rx 550 Sapphire Pulse 4 GB .
This card doesn't have 32-bit drivers so I installed first pop os (linux) and then windows 7 64 bit. In both system card had problem with displaying graphic (1 time per 5 computer turn on I have this problem) and looks like stuck with 241 MHz in AMD Sofware.
In game like Wot Blitz (wich I run throught steam) with GT 630 I was able to play on highest setting with 70 fps. But with RX 550 (that is stronger than GT) I get jamming on the lowest settings ,barely 49 fps and GPU is always 100% and AMD Software show that GPU use 241 MHz clock frequency.

I have the newest Drivers.

I attach photo of this graphical problems

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