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Adept I

RX 470 stuck at max clock speed W11 (WDDM 3.0)

I'm using windows 11 22000.194 and the "native drivers" 21.9.1 and 21.9.2 (wddm 3.0) make a gpu get stuck at max clock speed after open a 3d application such as Games or Renderer only way to get back to normal is rebooting the system... this a known problem? 

Already try a clean windows installation, all drivers up to date.

Any non windows 11 driver (wddm 3.0) works perfect. 

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Adept II

Same problem here, it happened to me in 21.9.2 and it continues to happen in 21.10.1

 RX580 and Windows 11 but it also happened to me in windows 10
 In my case, in order not to restart the PC, I close the process "Radeon settings: Host service" in the task manager, in this way the clock returns to normal and this process restarts itself, please, solve this that happens already from several driver versions.