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RX 400 series Fidelity FX Super Resolution support?

Hi @amd

It really will be a large disappointment if the RX 400 series do not get support, since I saw you mention in the video that RX 500 will get support, which are for the most part the same cards as far as I understand.

Furthermore, afterwards you stated that even Nvidia GTX 1060 will be supported, which if I am not mistaken launched before the Radeon RX 480 launched?

Anyway, I really hope we get it too and a game that I think would greatly benefit from it, is "theHunter Call of the Wild", also other open world games like RAGE 2 or GPU demanding games since 2013.

Kind regards

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Adept III

RX 400 (14 nm) and RX 500 (12 nm) use same GCN 4.

Hi @marekbujko 

Thank you for your response.

What you wrote is only true for the RX 590 which was AMD's first 12nm card.

The rest of the RX 400 and RX 500 have exactly the same specifications, except that the RX 500 had some power or thermal improvements from what I remember.

You can see in the "Features" sub-section:

RX 480:

RX 580:

And yes as you mentioned both are 4th Gen GCN architecture, so hopefully it will automatically support the 400 series in the drivers as well.

Kind regards