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Journeyman III

RTX 6700 Adrenaline not recording audio


New. installed 2 weeks ago. Now I want to start recording game play so I set up Adrenaline but something is not good with the adrenaline app. It is not recording any audio at all. By default it wanted to record the display? So i disabled the display as an audio output.

And the "recording device" list in adrenaline only shows my microphone (and my facerig), I want to record the speakers/headphone. What gives?

Screenshot 2022-08-13 001009.png

Headphone is the default Windows output device . The "allow apps exclusive control" option is cleared on the mic and headphones. Corsair HS70 if that helps.


I used to use the nvidia recorder, so I'm nota fan of the M$ gamebar recorder, although it works fine currently. 

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