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Journeyman III

RSR Issue

I just recently decided to try out RSR and it won't enable. I get the error message "Radeon super resolution is not active while you're using eyefinity" but I am NOT using Eyefinity.

I am running a single 4K display. I don't have any options related to eyefinity in my Adrenalin software (22.6.1) either.  If it is relevant, the monitor (Samsung 4K TV) is connected via HDMI. Windows 11 running all the latest updates and all drivers are up to date.


Thanking you in advance!


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Adept II

Same problem here as well only using  Hisense 55u78g. the weird this is it was working and now its not

using a 6700xt 


6950XT here, Also not working for me, I enabled it in the driver, Went into my game, Set it to fullscreen and the driver says I have eyefinity active even though I only have a single screen.

My display is an ultrawide with a resolution of 3840x1600, RSR usually puts the resolution down to 3440x1440 and works just fine, With this driver it does not, Would be great if AMD started testing their drivers thoroughly prior to release.


Thanks for the posts.

Please file a bug report using the BRT inside AMD Software, for instructions refer to article:

Include the make and model of your monitor and the steps we can follow to reproduce the issue.
Adept I

Same here. 6700 xt. 22.6.1. Windows 11. Single 4k HDR TV. 10k hdmi cable (seriously)

So after try everything, here the solution:

1- Go to AMD control panel (right mouse click on desktop).

2 - Click on the "Gear" icon on right-top of the window.

3 - Go to "Graphic" tab.

4 - Click on a anti-clockwise arrow icon on righ top of the window and perform a reset of your settings.

5 - Restart your computer.

6 - That's it.

What is causing this simptoms is the option "10-bit pixel format" turned on (settings, graphic, scrolldown to advanced) .  I personaly don't se any diference on gamming with this option turned on, only that strange eyefinit and RSR bug.

7 - Profit.


Then it most certainly is a bug. The feature probably should still work with 10bit color enabled. 

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