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Adept I

RSR capped at 60hz for 4k displays?

Just got my hands on a 6700 XT and am putting it through its paces. I was very excited to check out the RSR feature that will let me upscale from 1440p to 4k on any game. 

i have an LG OLED that supports a refresh rate up to 120hz. 

When I activate RSR my refresh rate drops to 60hz. There’s no option to go to 120 unless I disable RSR. 

is this a limitation set by RSR for 4k upscaling? Does it not support higher refresh rates if upscaling to 4k?

I’ve been unable to find an clear answer so I figured I’d ask here. Anyone have success getting a higher refresh rates in this scenario? 


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Journeyman III

It happens to me as well on 6600XT, and a supported screen and HDMI 2.1 cable.

It took me some time to understand I can activate the 120MHz only with I disable the RSR (unlike the FSR which must be embedded within the game), reduce the color depth to 8bit, and make sure the resolution is 3840*2160 (4K UHD) and not 4096*2160 (DCI 4K , aka. cinematic 4K).

I didn't test yet with 2k, but it's annoying I need to choose between RSR (which is the best solution for most non AAA games), and to 120MHz which give me the option to have more than 60fps.