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RSR activer I don't quite understand how it works ?

I think I was wrong sometimes when I activate the RSR on my screen 4k means that when I'm in 2k it's like 4k ?? I tested gta 5 redux with RSR in 1440p and I have no performance difference lol with the original

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Adept II

press ALT-R when in game in bring up Adrenaline overlay, you need to see a green checkmark under the RSR setting under "Graphics" tab. If you don't see anything it is not active and something is wrong. even if you set the same native resolution you will get a exclamation (!) mark. If you dont seen green check or yellow ! then there is some detection issue going on with RSR.

I find some games do not work yet. I am having issues with Borderlands 3 on my Odyssey G9 (tried both DX11 and DX12 to no avail), but if I load up an older game like Supreme Commander it works fine. I am running windows 11, I wonder if that is the issue.

I would start trying different games to see if it is a detection issue. Just make sure you are always running exclusive fullscreen mode in game video settings.

yes it's true I tested some games and the performance is the same on some games no difference but why I even change the resolution lower and it changes nothing yes it is activated on my system I too have windows 11 and rx 5600 xt and cpu i7-6700


We have a KB article that explains what Radeon Super Resolution is, and how you enable it.
Journeyman III

it seems it wont work on old aaa games like assassin's creed odyssey and  syndicate, in Witcher 3 2022 update not working,  fallout 4 not working, but on assassin's creed Valhalla it works for at least  +10 fps at ultra