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Journeyman III

RS adrenalin 2020 drivers on Imac 2019 (Win10 BootCamp) doesn't work

Hello! Can you help me please? I have imac 2019 with Radeon Pro 580x and i have Mac Os and Win 10 (BootCamp).

I want play in Doom Eternal on win 10 but game think that i haven't actual drivers for it. When i trying install Radeon software it can't see my videoadapter.

Is there any solution?



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This Unofficial Boot Camp Driver website has the latest Boot Camp drivers for Mac Computers: Turbo-charged AMD graphics drivers for Mac BootCamp users. 

Go through their website to make sure your IMAC is supported with your GPU card. Then follow the instructions to download the latest AMD Driver for your RX580 GPU card for Boot Camp Windows.

Note: You Boot Camp Windows must be fully updated via Windows Update for the latest AMD Drivers to install and work correctly.