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ROCM supported graphics cards

So, I have bought an XT 6900 with a beliefe (which starts to vanish now...) that I will be able to do some AI on it. For example, use ROCM with PyTorch. So, it's AMD's latest and greatest - it should support ... what it should support.

Looking for a site with simple explanation what graphics card are supported by ROCM has led me to a dead end.

Please help? it was just a couple of grands...

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AMD has a new ROCM Forum:

Before AMD had a ROCM Forum User were directed to Github ROCM:

So you can try AMD ROCM Forum and also at Github ROCM Forum to get whatever answers you need.


I am trying to post a question to the forum, but the forum website SUCKS BIG TIME.

So many bugs in the forum that's supposed to be the place for us to complain about ... bugs! #$@#$$

You try to ask a question, then it tells you to "fix errors": which means to click the stupid single tag "ROCM discussion" button to enter the "ROCM discussion" into the "tags" box. When you do - it simply tells you to go and **bleep** yourself for 600 seconds, because you tried to flood the system. On the mobile version, you simply have no tag indication, so you CANNOT post a question unless you know which tag to type in. There is no hinting for possible tags... It just complains you need to fix the tags, and when you do, it tells you it's the wrong tags HA HA HA.


Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 1 messages within 600 seconds)



Deleted my answer to tag AMD Moderator.

Found  out that you did successfully post a question at AMD Forum's ROCM:

Screenshot 2021-11-09 105732.png


Yeah ... it only took me 12 retries (no exaggeration) to do so.

Anyway, selling my card. AMD decided to allow only old card to do AI and mine is new. Not going to wait...

If you want the gory details, read here:

and what do you know? trying to post that simple answer has also hit the stupid "correct the errors and try again in 10 minutes"... Jesus, you in AMD really do your best to keep users away aren't u?