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Journeyman III

Reziseable Bar/ SAM brings crashes after Windows 10 21H2 Update

Hi guys, 

am I the only Person experiencing Crashes during Gaming or Benchmarking (so far every the PC crashes in betwen 0-30 minutes when gaming or directly after starting timeSpy)? 

My system ran perfectly fine till I was updating to the new Windows Version

For the purpose of stripping the issue down I reinstalled several times and changed hardware, tried different types of drivers, updated MB Bios...

It all came down to whether or not rBar/ SAM is enabled or not.

With the older Version of Windows 10 21H1 everything was running perfectly fine and so is my pc with the new Version, if I disable rBar.

Anyone else Experiencing those or similar problems since 21H2?

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Adept I

yeah man, i got crashes over crashes in BF2042 and now in Red DEAD Redemption Online.

today i disabled SAM and not a single crash in a whole day of gaming!