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Adept II

Return RX 5700 XT or Wait For Driver Fixes?

So I bought my rx 5700 xt a bit ago and I'm nearing the latest date I have to return it. There's been so many problems with this card I'm considering returning it and buying a gtx 2070. I'm curious for you guy's opinions on what I should do. Should I just wait for the problems to be fixed or should I get out while I still can? Its been about a month since someone posted about having a problem and it still isn't fixed, I still can't play some games, my freesync is completely broken, vsync still locks me to 30 fps at ultrawide, and I still will randomly CTD/BSOD either gaming or just browsing. If anyone has an idea about how long fixes will take to come through please let me know too. I hope I don't have to return it since I still want freesync and its an extra $100 to upgrade to a 2070 but if these problems are going to stay for quite sometime I think I might have to. Who knows, maybe suggesting I'll be switching to Nvidia will get someone at amd to realize they need to get their stuff together

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Adept I

problem is not only on RX 5700, i have a vega 10 2700u and  i also get the random bsod while browsing and random app freeze and to be honnest if i knew that it would happen i would have buy a laptop with a green gpu even if i had to pay more

Adept I

Try to disable steam hardware acceleration or what ever it is in english if you use steam. And close steam compeletly when you dont use it. 

Helped me to get less BSOD¨s 

Adept I

There is no one can tell when AMD will actually fix those issues. If you value your time then I would say return it and get something with similar performance/price range like 2060S/2070S. 5700 series driver has been a joke for almost 2 months


If you get a blue screen error, share the dmp. If you are having FreeSync issues, use FRTC or Chill. If you are having VSYNC problem, turn off VSYNC and use Chill or FRTC. If you think the problem is AMD, give it back.

Journeyman III

The amd rx 5700 / 5700xt video card is a mistake and is widespread and is a problem for everyone who has purchased the amd rx 5700 / 5700xt video card and AMD is idle. AMD needs to somehow solve the problem!

Adept I

There's so many problems that shouldn't even be there in the first place. Instead of fixing them, I think they need to rebuild them from the ground up and create drivers that do what they should first off from the get-go. There's the bugs that are random or crashing/BSOD which I could forgive and see that it gets fixed but then there's the in-your-face bugs which are too many at this point (black screens, games that are unplayable, Wattman issues, Relive issues). They probably have a hundred issues to fix whereas green side doesn't even have to worry about that.

Adept III

Don't play with fire and return it.