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Adept I

Restore x399 NVMe raid boot

Hi guys

I have an x399a motherboard with two nvme that I use in raid0 with my primary windows system.
But yesterday, I decided that it was a clever idea to update my chipset firmware using the Asus AI Suite.
The update goes well, but my system boot configuration is not more working for some reason. I got stuck in an infinite load when the system tried to boot Windows.

The thing here is that my raid array is still visible on my bios utility, but not for the Windows boot manager.
If I use an external ISO to reload the AMD RAID Xpert2 drivers, Windows start to see my arrays normally again, and I can even open my file normally.

But the problem is that when I restart my computer, the modifications that I make, like loading the drivers, disappear.

Does anyone know any way to reload those drivers in my boot manager and remake my raid array bootable again? Of course, I need to make everything using the cmd prompt since my system is not booting.