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Adept I

[resolved] Ryzen 3700 on X470 and Radeon rx 5700 xt - video, sound over HDMI problems

Unfortunately currently I cannot fully use my new setup because of graphic card issues and sound problems over HDMI.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700XT
AMD Ryzen 3700X

[Memory vendor/model/specification]
Various tested:
Goodram Play 2666 2x8gb
Partiot Viper 3733 2x8gb

Latest version of windows 10 all updates, various versions of drivers from amd website also tested latest drivers from asus product page.

The problem is with the main board to properly support radeon card.
1) with the previous bios 4804 card is almost working the problem is with disturbed hdmi sound and frequently video driver is reloading (from the event log) and random computer restarts, also I couldn't use
2) with the latest bios 5007 and pcie 1 x16 the card is working with very limited performance, no info about temperature fan speed load etc. Cannot use Wattman at all. There is almost no sound over hdmi.
3) with the latest bios 5007 and different pci 2 x8 slot the card is working almost perfect beside sound from time to time the sound is disturbed, and very sporadic computer restarts. This setup I currently use.

I found on reddit that some of people have this problem:

And some other post similar to mine:

But I want to let you know.

I did test on asus B350 prime ryzen 1600 and the same video card and everything work perfect. I wapped radeon to nvidia 1070 and also run smoothly.

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I have nothing to add in way of a solution. I think it is a shame these problems exist. You are not alone. Many are complaining of issues pairing the latest AMD gpus with the latest AMD cpus. You would think that logic would dictate they would work best together, but apparently not. Just wanted to point out you are only asking other users asking here. If you want to talk to AMD you need to fill out a support ticket: Online Service Request | AMD 

Good luck and don't let that return window close before you have a solution!

Adept I

ASUS published new BIOS with AGESA for my motherboard today and send me an mail that it should fix my isses.

I did some test morning and it seems that Radeon is working in x16 slot as PCI 3.0 fine, no problem with sound also.

I have issue with unavailable d3d but I may mess-up with drivers testing everything. I will DDU drivers and install again.

Initial test results:

- gpu usage, temp, and others are reported correctly

- Witcher 3 is working perfectly

- no sound issues at all

- no need to use chipset PCIe x8

- full memory speed 3733 and I managed to set latecy 16 instead 17 from XMP

- synchronous nb frequency


- missing d3d in dxdiag - probably driver reinstall needed with DDU

I will do more test later but there is hope

Now that you say this I do remember it said in another thread that switching to 3.0 compatibility helped. Let us know what more you figure out!

Adept I

Hi all

I completed my test and what I can say. Everything is working fine.

- No memory speed regression

- Sound working

- d3d working

- GPU full performance

Could not determine regression on AMD core boost CPU-Z shows the same results.

As i wrote previously in different thread:

I'm aware that the fresh products can have some bugs and even huge one but please write list of bugs/issues somewhere officially i spend 2 days thinking that i have broken hardware.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue running a 3700x and 5700 on an Asus x370 Prime board...