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Journeyman III

Resolution bug

I have an RX 580 and the newest driver version. I paly my games in 1440x1080 sinc 2 years, wich is a costume made resolution in the AMD driver. Yesterday when i sztart PUBG my resolution just dont wanna work, and it dont strech as it should. After i decide to move to a less wider res, 16:10 (1728x1080) i open the game, the games start at the left side of my screen, its strat borderless, then when i press alt+enter, everithing works fine, than i alt+tab and the resolution just broke, its slide off from the monitor. Than i start cs go, and i have a full black screen. I reinstalled the driver, and still have the problems. My GPU scealing is Enable, and my Scale mode is Full panel. I tried to turn it off, tried many differnet options, still not working. What should i do?

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