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Adept I

Replacing an RX580 with an RX6600 results in loss of audio

I was debating which category to post this, but I recently wanted to upgrade to a 6600 (XFX Swift 210) from an XFX RX580. This is on a Gigabyte mobo with integrated audio, nothing special.

The problem is that I have a DVI only monitor, and the 6600 is only DL/HDMI. I bought a bi-directional DVI to HDMI cable adapter. The new card works just fine, but I lose not only audio but also access to existing audio devices like my speakers and Stereo Mix inputs (confirmed by comparing Device Manager when one card is installed vs the other).

Looking for advice on what to try next to troubleshoot. Is it the adapter? a BIOS setting? Other? Thanks!


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Adept I

u really need to upgrade your monitor..


Look at these as some cheap options... really 6600 a 1080p 144hz -165hx panel lcd will improve especially with freesync!



** I put in a avery wide range of sizes and from 75hz - up to max of 240hz 1080p and 1080p UW up to 3560 x 1440P so ur choice  but i de recomend looking through these LCD and find teh best one you can. i commend you to!!! ***

i wouldn't worry about HDR as u prob dont have that anyway>>  but u need a Display Port Panel as this will offer the best experience over DVI or even HDMI, I use a 30" Ultra wide 2560 x 1080p @ 200hz and i can never go back but i love it ever since my new lcd on DP



It's definitely the adaptor, they never work properly..

As said previously, you will need to update your monitor with a new one..

Use display port and you will be good..

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Thanks for the answers everyone. So, to confirm, if I plugged the card into a native HDMI monitor, I would get my sound devices restored on my PC?


I would use display port myself..

I use display port with the 'AMD High Definition Audio Device' and connect my speakers to the output on my monitor..

Last year I purchased the LG UltraGear 32GP850 and it's brilliant through DP.. 165Hz with HDR..

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb G.Skill TZ neo 3600mhz, Samsung 980pro 1tb NVME, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Antec Titanium 1kw.

I would  first go to Windows Sound  Panel and  make sure the Audio Speakers you want to hear audio from is the "Default Audio Device"

It should mention AMD HD AUDIO. If it shows any other Audio Driver as the Audio device as "default" you won't hear any audio from your GPU card which uses AMD HD Audio driver.

Make sure in Device Manager it shows AMD HD Audio driver installed without any errors or any Device Manager errors in general.

If it is then I would make sure your HDMI-DVI adapter is the "Active" type for best compatibility. You can also try a DP-DVI Active adapter and see if it works.

Make sure the adapter you are using is able to support your Monitor's Resolution and Frequencies.

Please upload a image of GPU-Z to make sure your AMD driver is install correctly or working correctly.

To see if the problem is your Adapter cable or Monitor, I would connect a different monitor with speakers like your HDMI TV set if you have one just to see if you get audio from the speakers of the TV set with a straight HDMI connection.


For a temporary workaround try this.

Disable the AMD GPU's High Definition Audio drivers in your device manager (to avoid software conflicts) update your MOBOs onboard audio chipset and run to a stereo home theater or PC speakers so you can get audio until you find a more permanent means of resolving your audio issue.

I've seen and encountered a lot of visual/audio issues when using HDMI/DVI adapters.

The only adapters that I've used that work well are the larger multiport box types that have their own dedicated AC power cord.

Unfortunately the quality units average $120 to over $900 (mostly for high end security surveillance systems on the more expensive units).     

I know this isn't great news but I hope it helps you get reliable audio back up.

If the problem continues after this run command prompt as admin sfc /scannow to check OS for missing or corrupted files.

If the problem persists after doing this work around then the apps with the audio issues are the problem.

Check their compatibility through the apps local files on your system (I often find problematic apps show up as incompatible program) or run a file integrity check on the apps.

If apps show missing files and don't auto fix the files issue you will have to delete the update cache for the platform the app runs through. Example if its a Windows App delete the windows update cache if its a Steam Game App delete the Steam Update cache and restart your PC. This will force the problematic app software to recover and restore missing or corrupted files. 

If the Apps still cause issues I strongly recommend deleting them. They are either unstable (bad or corrupted software that could cause harm to your PC) or the App has malicious software that will compromise your personal security.

Sorry about the book just want to ensure that all bases are covered that I'm aware of and that your personal info remains just that it belongs to you don't let anyone take that away from you no matter what.