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Journeyman III

Repeatable weirdness with 20.1.4 Drivers

I'm not going to jump on AMD drivers having issues, although I've had plenty of Black Screen but still hear audio, game crashes, lockups, etc, I'm not going to pile onto those.

I have noticed, running XFX THICII 5700XT Ultra, that, when I swap inputs on my monitor to a different computer, one that is not running the 5700XT, that when I return to the input that is connected to the 5700XT, it really doesn't like that. If I power off my monitor but leave my computer running, my 5700XT doesn't like that either.

It seems, anything that disrupts communication between my 5700XT and my monitor causes the 5700XT to throw a tantrum and sit in a corner. If I swap to a different input, then come back to the 5700XT, I either get a Black Screen with audio, or my icons are all messed up requiring me to restart "Explorer" in the task manager to fix it, or any 3D application no longer responds (Wallpaper engine for example locks up).

This has resulted in my performing "Hard" reboots whenever I have to swap inputs on my monitor and come back to the computer with the 5700XT. My 1070Ti, never had such issues.

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