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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Render pro loses texture information on animation renders in blender 2.82

System information

2018 Macbook pro : 6 core Intel core i7

Readoen Pro 560X internal

Powercolor Red Devil RX5700XT egpu housed in Razor core x

Mac os 10.15.3

Blender 2.82

Render pro 2.34

When I start an animation render on egpu the first 10 or so frames render fine. Then suddenly the texture maps either go grey or green. Please see attached images. If I restart the animation again at the frames where the textures were lost again it's fine for another 10 or 20 frames then it happens again.

My scene is only 1.6 gig.

I've tried using the internal graphics cards and that rendered 20 frames without issue.

I've looked for driver updates for the egpu but can't find anything.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

(The tie material is procedurally generated and doesn't use image textures.)



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