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Journeyman III

Removing Radeon Software

Hi all,

I went to work yesterday and realised "Radeon Software" had been updated and was now constantly running on my work PC. This wouldn't be that annoying if only Radeon Software didn't hijack all of my most used shortcuts such as CTRL Shift R or CTRL Shift S.

I don't need this as I doubt I'll be doing any kind of game streaming on my work PC, how do I completely uninstall it without also removing all my drivers? Any way to just disable the gaming features?

Seems silly they're all active by default with no way to remove them.

I can't even exit the program as it's always active in the background.

I've attached a screenshot of the program to clarify which one I'm talking about.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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If you only want to use an updated driver, follow these ways...
- Get the latest driver with this... 
- Extract the driver installation file with a program like 7zip.
- Remove all display drivers in safe mode with DDU and go to normal mode.
- Go to Windows Device Manager and install the driver only using the extracted driver folder.

After downloading the required programs-drivers, disconnect the internet connection and perform the required uninstall and installation.

Adept I

Hey so you can re-map the shortcut keys and/or turn off all the overlays and recording stuff etc. in the options.


Hit this button.


Hotkeys tabs to change the ones you want.


General tab is where you can turn off the overlays/streaming etc.