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Journeyman III

Remove StoreMI

I installed StoreMI in anticipation of using it one day, however I've since then seen the havoc it can wreak when a drive fails in a tier.  So now I want to uninstall it.  I know the general consensus is you will lose all the data on your drives then.  However I never created a single tier, but I wish to uninstall it as now it's made all my drives appear as SCSI drives and disk tools such as Crystal Disk Info, and manufacturers SSD tools no longer find the drive(s) and can't work properly.

Since no virtual drive was created yet it would seem to me that I could uninstall StoreMI, reboot, then change the StoreMI Controller [storport] devices back to a simple AHCI device that Windows comes with.

However I've never seen anyone do this yet, and I'm afraid it'll hose my system.  I do have a complete image of my OS drive, but I thought I would test on a secondary drive first... Anyone ever done this?

I might just backup the secondary drive and YOLO it and see if I can accomplish it.  One other problem I'm having though is that StoreMI application won't open now just so I can verify there's no tiers etc.. it just sits there not responding.  I even upgraded it to the latest version, still won't open. (ugh)

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Drive information will not be available after installing StoreMI for now.

If you want to uninstall StoreMI then, may be you can upgrade to an updated StoreMI version and try uninstalling it, that could work. If that still doesn't resolve the issue then let us know.


Adept II

Step 1a: Backup or migrate any important data currently stored on the StoreMI drive to a separate disk drive using a commercially available data migration tool. Another blank hard disk
or SSD attached to the system SATA controller is highly recommended for this step NOT a USB
drive as we will need to be able to boot from this drive in later steps (unless the USB drive is
transferable to the motherboard SATA ports).


Step 1b: If using a 2-drive StoreMI configuration, convert the system to a single disk using the
StoreMI Remove StoreMI option. This will free up the SSD which may be used to clone the
StoreMI contents to. Note, check there is enough room for the OS to fit on the SSD before performing this operation.

Step 2: Boot the system from the migrated disk created in step 1a or 1b. Check the boot drive is
operating as expected and the StoreMI is no longer the boot drive.

Step 3: Click on the Windows icon, type “StoreMI” to search for the AMD StoreMI utility and
run the utility

IMPORTANT: The following step will erase all data from the StoreMI:
Step 4: Select “Change Settings” then “Delete” to remove the StoreMI, free the original drive(s)
and make them usable by Windows.

Step 5: Uninstall the AMD StoreMI software from the cloned boot drive.
The system will no longer contain any StoreMIs.