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Journeyman III

Relive sometime create corrupt mp4 files

 use relive to record fortnite with desktop recording disabled.

Sometimes the mp4 files are not possible to open instead the error 0xc00d36c4 is shown. The file size is huge, in the last case 39gB but it has also happened with smaller recordings. 

Most of the time it works but when the recording is lost its frustrating. I have tried opening it in VLC (also tried a direct conversion) and a few video repair applications but neither could open the corrupt file.

The last time it happened I tried another recording afterwards and had the same error with a 700kB file. After restarting Windows I could record successfully again.


MSI 5700 XT on 20.5.2

Windows 10 with 32gB ram and over 500gB free disc space.

Any ideas on what might be the issue or what I can try to avoid this?

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