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Adept II

Relive recordings periodic audio stutter


I have recently started to use Relive to record PUBG gameplay and Discord teamchat.

I am not sure if this is only PUBG, since this is the only game I am currently recording teamchat and microphone.

As described in the title, I get periodic stutter when playing back recording of my gameplay.

Some rounds with 10-20 min gameplay are fine, other rounds are much worse.

I also believe I get large frame time spikes (1-3 seconds) due to network connection issues, the game freezes. I have only noticed this when recording, but it might be a coincident.

Similar problem reported here, have not tried that yet:

AMD Adrenaline 18.2.1 - Relive recordings still have audio stutter/jerkiness

Anybody else having this problem? Anyone got any tips or tricks?

Relive  record settings:

  • "Desktop" mode
  • Recording microphone, but not as a seperate file.
  • 1920 x 1080 60 FPS
  • 256 kbps
  • 60 mbit
  • Recording to a SSD, but I have tried recoring to my SSHD. Did not make any difference

Describe your system:

  • Headset
    • Logitech G933 (Wireless)
  • AMD Graphics Card
    • R9 Fury X
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 18.3.1
  • Display Devices
    • ASUS VG245HE 75 Hz Freesync
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • MSI Z77IA-E53 Bios Version 10.5
    • 3570k
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Coolermaster VS750
  • RAM
    • 16G
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Hello my friend, unfortunately I also encountered this bug, the only way I seemed to fix it was rolling back my drivers to before Adrenaline Edition (for me 17.10.3) came out. Tested this morning and the bug is gone, recording is fine. I suggest giving it a shot if you want to record or stream, at least until they fix whatever is causing the issue in Adrenaline.


from what I understand this seems to be the only solution to the problem, what I wonder is, AMD will solve it sooner or later? or should I continue to use old drivers ?? It does not seem very normal to me


Will try and disable the mic in Windows first, although I am not sure what he actually ment in the post I linked.

If this has been going for that long, they should have fixed it by now. What is the point with the software if you can't record.



As expected disabling the other mic inputs did not help.

The huge frame time spikes/freezes is no doubt caused by Relive recording.

Played 2 rounds and PUBG where unplayable at times, turned off recording and it was smooth for 2 hours (Or as smooth as this game can be).

How to I roll back the driver? Download and install the driver from AMD site ? (Recently had a fresh Windows 10 install).

Wonder if Nvidia has these issues with Geforce experience and Shadowplay. I love what AMD have done with Relive and Adrenaline, but it seems to have a lot of issues and it is not properly developed.

I don't want switch to Nvidia, mainly because of their business practice right now. But if AMD can't fix Relive and it freesync issues, I cant recommend this s*** to anybody.

Pisses me off that AMD states mining related known issues in their driver release notes, but are not able to fix features that they have heavily promoted the last year or so.

Adept II

Unfortunately, Relive has serious audio problems right now. First, microphone recording is corrupted. I fixed this by switching to a USB microphone but this time microphone is out of sync. In a 1 hour long video, microphone is off by 10 seconds which is impossible to fix with video editing software.

I want to use relive as it can record just fine at 1080p 60 fps with no problem but those problems really burn me off. The biggest problem is hearing no response from the driver team. Will it be fixed? If so, when?


Well, I am using a USB headset and the recording is corrupt on this. I had a huge delay yesterday on a 20 minute recording. The game lasted 20 min longer, but the game kept freezing so I had to turn recording off, GPU usage drops to 0%.

If it has been around since 17.10.3 I assume they don't care or they consider this problem limited too very few users.

Maybe they have implemented the flaud on purpose, so more people would by Ryzen possessors and using CPU instead with OBS (yeah, a joke)

Adept II

AMD, a penny for your thoughts?


Report Issues With the Latest Driver Release



Adept II

Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.3 Release Notes:

Fixed Issues

    • Some Radeon ReLive recorded clips may experience corruption or audio distortion when played back.

Anybody tested this?


the bug is still present in the new version (18.3.3) is an error when capturing the microphone, and it seems that they do not know how to fix it, this error leads from adrenalin 18.1.1, the latest version that does not have it and works well is the 17.12.2, thanks AMD for your wonderful software .........



I played approximately 1 hour yesterday and did 4 recordings (PUBG).

Good news:

- The game did not freeze once during recording, like it did earlier

- Sound inputs seems to be ok, game sounds and other people in chat

Bad news:

- Microphone recording still distorted, but I think is was less noticeable and it occured fewer times.

But I will test some more. I will report again, but this time refer to the current driver.


Couple of hours tonight and yeah problem is still there.

I did not check my recordings for the last hour and a half, and these had no sound at all.

Report again then

Adept III

OK, I removed my Realtek Audio driver and reinstalled with the 64bit version fresh from their website.

Then upgraded my AMD driver to 18.3.4

Recorded a video and audio is fine!

This was only one recording, not sure if it stays that way.

Only problem, the game (Wasteland2) was running smooth at 60fps ingame limit on the Freesync2 monitor at 2560x1440 and with the new driver I get screen tearing. removing the limit it runs with ~100+ fps and I have no tearing.

//edit: ~7 hours more recording and no stutter with 18.3.4 juhu!