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Journeyman III

Relive problem + Open cl blender blender cycles

Hi all, first off all im sorry for my bad En i hope u ll understand what i want to say without any problems

I have problem with ReLive it doesn't work .... when i start any game ( overwatch, cs go,mc, ) and press the key to turn on recording nothing happens , i have installed latest drivers (18.7.1); YES I checked the install relive option when drivers were installing ;I saw the advice online that i need to launch amd dvr as an admin but it didnt work as well

my pc :

rx 580 8gb Powercolor Red Devil

i5 6500

8gb ddr4 2400mhz cl14

128 gb ssd

Win 10 64 bit

Second problem: Well .. after i installed new gpu I tried to run blender 2.79 using steam and it didn't even launch .... before when i was using just my CPU and integrated gpu it was working  totally fine no problems there... sooo after that I uninstalled blender from steam and installed v 2.8 directly from bledner site it launched so that was good sign  but then when I tried to use my rx 580 as a rendering device for Blender cycles engine device tab (where u can choose device u want to use for rendering) was locked "none" im sure rx 580 is supported by latest blender ver coz of the yt benchmark viedeos.

Ty u all for any help

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