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Journeyman III

ReLive not recording (v20.4.x and up)

Hoping someone else has had luck tracking this issue down.

I have three AMD-based machines, on two of them ReLive works fine and records with even the latest version (20.9.x). On this one it will not, never has (specs below).

Here's the summary: I've removed any previous drivers using DDU and/or the AMD utilities. I do a clean install on the driver/software package, ensure desktop recording is on, set the capture location. When I click record (or use the hotkey to initiate it) -- it just starts and immediately stops. The only thing that gets created is a 44kb file in the ReLive repository.

I've tried everything from clean driver installs to clean Windows installs and the problem persists every time. It was also present when I had my previous liquid cooled Vega64 as well as the current Liquid Devil 5700xt. The attached video is an example (recorded with OBS only to capture the behavior this time, I don't typically try using simultaneously). I'm using 20.8.1 in it, but I've tried all from 20.4.x to present. When I click record--you'll see the 44kb file created but otherwise nothing recording. I've ruled out any possibilities due to any overclocks on RAM, CPU, GPU, etc...tested all the way back to all stock settings with no luck.

The only way it works is if I back the entire way out to v20.2.x. Last night I tried installing 20.2.x via the installer and then updating the driver itself via device manager; unfortunately that throws a software conflict and won't work either.

If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. I'm including specs for the problem machine and one of the working machines. This is the only issue I have, rock solid otherwise.

Problem machine:
R7 3800x, Asus CH VIII x570 Hero, PowerColor Liquid Devil 5700xt, 4x8gb G.Skill Z.Royal, Samsung 970 EVO x2, Samsung Evo SSD, Corsair AX1200i, Soundblaster Z, Win10 Pro 64 bit w/ current patches/updates, Radeon 20.9.1

Machines working fine:

R7 3700, MSI Tomahawk x570, Sapphire 5700xt (liquid cooled), 4x8gb Team XTreem 3600, Crucial P.2 x2, EVGA 1300G2, Win10 Pro 64 bit w/ current patches/updates, Radeon 20.9.1

R5 3600, Asus Crosshair x470 Hero, Sapphire 5600xt, 4x8GB Patriot Viper 4400 (at 3600), Crucial P.1, 2TB Barracuda, Corsair RM850x, Win10 Pro 64 bit w/ current patches/updates, Radeon 20.9.1

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