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ReLive issue, not initiating overlay/encoding, debugged and adhoc solution found.

If you're experiencing a vague increase of usage by your resources but no overlay and no recording/streaming
You're not alone. I have been tracking this or similar issues related to the Adrenaline Edition and ReLive drivers for almost a year, since I began using a Vega 64 GPU. I've done it all and learned a lot. 


Most importantly, debugging these issues doesn't do much for the casual user, or those not familiar with hardware as well as operating system and driver operations. If you understand the log however you get a clue.

Sound, why did it have to be sound

Yes, a lot of people have posted adhoc solutions, sometimes they work for some, seldom beyond that. But when people notice a connection between soundcard/drivers/encoders and ReLive simply not working properly, we should all listen.

Unable to initiate audio interface

It doesn't even make sense as it alternates, simply initiating start of a stream or record session the second, fourth and sixth time you use the keyboard shortcut or overlay button and the log confirms it.

 First attempt fail's to initiate audio device (doesn't matter if I use my realtek integrated or external Behringer) and the next looks like a completely normal and functioning streaming/record session.

I recognise that this won't hold true for most or even some people since I made a lot of adjustments to my system, drivers and even EUFI-level restrictions/functions, most of these "tweaks" (lack of a better term) is similarily adhoc solutions I've picked up along the way from other issues along the way as almost every generation of Radeon Adrenaline (Optional) has it's major ups and minor downs (sometimes opposite) though almost all of them addresses issues I barely know exist since I try to keep up by reading (among other sources) these forums. 

Windows 10, Virtual computing and the inherent immorality/impersonal nature of mega-corps

In the ever so slightly more virtual reality of operating systems and the internal infrastructure, less emphasis is put on adaptability while the security has increased. That's great.. If you want that but mostly it isn't as effective for personal computers, utilized in a private manner outside of a massive VPN, but it's not much I can do about that.

 For you though it's different. You have all the opportunity and feedback, both subjective user input as well as data mining with your "user experience improvement programs".  In the time I've been supplying you with priceless amounts of useful data (that directly transfers to improved profits) I feel unheard, along with a big portion of the users on these forums. This is obviously not personal and no one staff member should have to feel responsible for it since international corporations only serve one purpose and thus, by definition, become egocentric or bordering on narcissistic if observed as an entity and judging by your actions directly contrasted the treatment and dedication devoted to your returning customers, the AMD biase companies or all the private fans that stick with you trough hardships like some of your awful CPU's and GPU's. For me? I remember getting an ATI APU was suicide since I run Linux and nVidia wasn't going to disappoint all the linux users by not releasing kernel modules/drivers like ATI did for a really really long time. 

 Perhaps you want to "pay it forward" for once? 

If Microsoft comes with a fully operational subsystem of more or less any Linux distribution you desire when they basically had bookburnings and forbad any and all employes to never utter the word "open source" or "linux" not that long ago, perhaps it's time you listen to the hand that feeds guys? 

We complain because we have the right to

You wouldn't raise your voice or nag a stranger on the bus. But you would your sibling or your partner. Just like we keep buying your hardware and endlessly promote it without you asking all over the internet and to our friends (like good Christians spreading their mythology). Now fix the permanently broken ReLive function or fail trying and make sure you let us know how and/or what you do because I speak for thousands, hundred of thousands of customers when I say that ReLive needs an overhaul with a lot of focus on the audio features/handlers but not limited to.

Thank you.

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