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Adept I

ReLive Instant Replay caching on disk, despite Desktop Recording disabled

Driver Version 21.2.1

I have desktop recording disabled, but when I'm watching a youtube video in fullscreen, ReLive writes Instant Replay (instant replay is enabled) cache files to my HDD which shouldn't happen, I think?
Even when I try to save the Instant Replay during a fullscreen youtube video, AMD Relive tells me that desktop recording is disabled. So why write cache files?

edit: After trying again, Relive does indeed save my replay while watching a youtube video in fullscreen mode with desktop recording disabled. Only after clicking on the video while in fullscreen mode, i.e. pausing and unpausing though.

During normal desktop usage or web browsing Instant Replay writes no cache files to HDD.

Can anyone else confirm this?

I already filed a bug report through the AMD Relive bug reporting tool.