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Adept III

ReLive & Enhanced Sync missing in any driver for Notebook Rx 480 8GB

I have a Dell laptop with the Radeon Rx 480 8GB (Notebook Edition I guess) and whichever driver I try to install, none of them gives me either ReLive or Enhanced Sync, I have tried old drivers and the brand new ones from 18.5.1 and 18.7.1 and many more, I just do not understand, apparently the Notebook Rx 480 is the same one as the desktop but lower clock speeds and a locked TDP at 85W so there should not be any problems with the GPU not being supported as far as I know.

Does anyone have any clue what the problem could be? I really like ReLive and Enhanced Sync as I use them all the time on my Vega 56

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Relive and various other features are not supported on laptops/Mobility graphics.


That is odd because I had enhanced sync on my 7970M, HP and Asus laptops with Rx 580's have ReLive, can I trick the driver into thinking I have a desktop GPU to install those features by adding my GPU code into the desktop section?


I have no idea...have you read this? How to Capture Your Gameplay Using Radeon™ ReLive | AMD


Maybe ReLive was not supported on mobile graphics, but I can confirm this has changed and it is fully functional on newer hardware like the Radeon Pro 455 inside my MBP.

MBP ReLive.jpgMBP_Radeon_System.PNG


  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)
  • Radeon Pro 455
  • Radeon Version: 18.3.4