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Journeyman III

Relive doesnt record.

Hello. I installed 20.11.2 driver on rx580 today and relive recording broke. I can stream normally but record button doesnt respond. 

A little story about why I decided to update driver. I have been using May version of the driver because with any newer version my PC was not shutting down fully (fans were working until I pressed power button). I have tried June and September versions and they both caused this problem, so I stuck on old driver,it was fully functioning. A week ago I tried to fix this problem and to finally update to the newest driver. I used amd clean uninstall utility multiple times because 20.11.2 version caused radeon settings to crash, not launch, and my PC still couldnt shut down properly. I installed May driver again and..  PC couldnt shut down on this version too this time. Today I installed 20.11.2 with clean install and it finally fixed this problem BUT relive is not working this time. 

I know that 20.11.2 is optional but other versions have the same problem. PC wasnt shutting down properly because of the videocard drivers, I am sure because I have tried multiple versions of drivers and used PC without them. 

I am very grateful for your attention.

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Journeyman III

Re: Relive doesnt record.

Little update. I have reset radeon settings multiple times and relive is working now. So, dont import your old settings, that might broke something. 

Interesting mention. Each time I installed a different driver even the old May one that I was using all this year I got a new problem. PC is not shutting down properly, relive doesnt work, Radeon app doesnt open, Radeon app cant be found, Driver errors etc. Plenty of time flushed away, I hope everything is fine now. Otherwise I will update this thread. Good luck everyone.