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ReLive doesn't work Borderless dx9 / GPU scaling bug / detail loss

Vega 56 user.

First off, Overlay is incredibly finicky borderless, but usually "works". Second, borderless dx9 used to work with ReLive with old control panel, but 19.12 doesn't work at all. I have everything enabled, and it absolutely REFUSES to activate or record anything, which is a major annoyance.

Secondary, all 19.12 drivers have a bug with GPU scaling where it turns the entire screen dark / low brightness (usually after resume low power), and the only fix is to disable GPU scaling.

Side issue, game Depth on steam. AMD is abusing mip map cheating on this game since it is dark, and ever since Radeon 9800 Pro introduced Catalyst AI, drivers have RUINED ALL GRAPHICS in dark areas. Games like FarCry and Halo CE completely disable bumpmapping textures unless you shine a flashlight on the wall, and this is unacceptable levels of mip map cheating like back in the quake/quack3 days, and it NEEDS TO STOP.

I have high detail and 16x anisotropic filtering enabled in Depth, and AMD is mipmapping the hell out of my textures because of their optimization cheats. The weapon models and game skins have very high resolutions, but AMD mip maps them to quake 2 levels of blurriness.

Also, I'm pretty sure MLAA is not working in Depth even though I have it enabled, and it hasn't worked for a long time. I don't think it even works normally in borderless either, which is another problem, since borderless seems to break most features in general and AMD seems to completely ignore this, while it works fine on Nvidia. Get your act together, AMD. The BSODs of 19.9 were bad enough to switch to Nvidia, which thankfully are fixed, but it simply isn't worth using any future AMD product when none of the driver features work in borderless window, and certain games exhibit detail loss with mipmap cheats.

Lastly, Depth is supposedly upgrading to dx11 in the future, so the driver team may want to stay aware in case of any potential issues or optimizations, although IMO it should work better considering the current lack of any respect for dx9.

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