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Adept I

Relive causes my pc to crash in Rocket League ONLY

Hi guys, I have been banging my head against the wall for a few days on this one.

Description of the issue: AMD Relive, specifically the Instant Replay functionality, when enabled will elicit a crash only when running rocket league. The crash occurs within the first 30 seconds of loading rocket league. I get a "Kernel-Power" error in event viewer after each crash but no other indications of the crash. Rocket league doesn't create a dump.

Sometimes the crash doesn't even give a BSOD, just a restart. When it does BSOD:


And only once during the BSOD it showed "What Failed: atikmdag.sys"

Steps taken so far:

  • I identified Relive instant replay as the culprit. I can disable only that option and run the game without issue. An immediate crash results from enabling it.
  • Rocket league runs on DX9 and is the only game I play that does so. I downloaded unigen valley and ran a benchmark in dx9 with relive instant replay enabled without issue.
  • Tested multiple other games without issue.
  • Updated to the latest AMD drivers
  • Clean driver install to latest drivers
  • Reinstall rocket league and verify game files
  • Uninstall reshade after a fresh install of rocket league
  • disable any other overlay software (such as discord) during testing.
  • Cleaned inside PC and reseated components & cables
  • Run windows update and installed all available updates


  • MSI RX 480 4 GB gaming x
  • I5 4670
  • Asus Z97-K
  • Antec 650 W PSU
  • LG Ultrawide 34UM69G using Display Port


  • Windows 10, Version 1803 May 23, 2018—KB4100403 (OS Build 17134.81)
  • AMD Adrenaline 18.5.2

I'm not sure what else to put here. I've searched high and low for any answers and come up dry. The closest I got to some sort of answer was finding out that AMD was having DX9 crashing issues in January, but they claim to have fixed those in recent driver updates. I'd really like to get this sorted out because I use the instant replay functionality frequently in Rocket League.

I appreciate you reading this and any thoughts you may have.

I initially posted this in the graphics section but I think I should have posted this here. I apologize for the double post.

3 Replies
Adept I

I updated to 18.6.1 and the issue persists.

Journeyman III

I'm having this exact same problem as you described. My radeon overlay doesnt open in game and if i try forcing record it, it crashes the game, sometimes it crashes the whole computer.


Thanks for replying. I have found that rolling back to 18.2.1 allows me to use relive although the overlay is still randomly unresponsive. I just replaced my i5 with an i7 so I updated to 18.6.1 to test again, and I still immediately crash when rocket league opens.

Are you using an ultrawide monitor or a normal 16:9 monitor?