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Journeyman III

ReLive capping game framerate to 30fps?

     So, this issue seemingly happened out of the blue..

I went to record a match of Fortnite the other day using ReLive game capture. (My ReLive settings:

Global: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Recording: Imgur: The magic of the Internet )

And strangely, upon recording my fps was immediately locked to ~30fps occasionally stuttering to 29.

I've tried lowering settings, i've tried toggling Instant Replay on and off, it doesn't seem to work.

Additionally, this isn't specific to Fortnite. This happens in anything that would be classified as a game.

I've also tried flipping through drivers, (18.8.1 - 18.8.2) I've been using 18.8.1 for about a month now and it occurred only a few days ago with the same driver.

so I doubt it's driver related.

Any help would be appreciated, but if you need more information please feel free to tell me. 


#1: No, it isn't necessarily an issue with my computer struggling to keep up with such intensive settings, it recorded fine previously with the same settings, and

lowering graphics settings and using performance boosting methods that in a regular case would significantly lift a framerate from 30.

#2: No, no forms of V-sync are used. I do not play with V-sync, however I do cap my fps in most cases. But even without capping this problem still occurs.

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