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Journeyman III

ReLive and Virtual Desktop problems

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x

GPU: Radeon RX 6800 (non XT model)

Board: MSI Tomahawk MAG b550

Wifi: 5ghz


Hey all, I've been tinkering around trying to use Virtual Desktop and ReLive with my Oculus Quest 2 and have been running into some issues.  VD is completely unusable and Relive is significantly better but still too poor to play.  GPU last frames at <40, bad picture quality, stuttering etc; not dropping many frames though.


Does anyone have any experience with similar hardware and HMD? Tips and tricks? Is anyone able to produce playable experiences? I don't think my hardware is the issue.  I built my rig specifically with for VR and am wondering if I chose the wrong graphics card.

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Journeyman III

Your hardware is fine. I use relive, but suffered insane issues with both Oculus link and virtual dekstop. Relive has been my best experience by far so i will focus on that. Make sure that youre running your headset on the 5ghz wifi setup from your router. if you dont have one, its reccomended that you get an upgraded wifi6 modem for this very purpose more. if that fails, try adjusting your bitrate on relive (more bitrate=lesslatency=more frames). I run half life alyx on medium and squadrons without problems with little to no issues, with the same setup