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Journeyman III

Release date of Adrenalin Edition 22.9.1

Is anyone else seeing the release date Adrenalin Edition 22.9.1 as 1/29/2020 in the AMD Windows software?

Screenshot 2022-09-22 061744.png

I'm guessing someone may have fat fingered the date but I'm also concerned it could be malware.

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Wait, do they manually set release date somewhere in the files? I thought it should be automatically determined by the system, LOL.


I saw the same thing and worried about it too.


That driver is just as unstable as the previous one's until 22.5.1 that is stable again.

Easy to test as well if you still black screen just turn on flip model optimisation in windows 11 22h2 and run wallpaper engine + video call you eventually black screen under 2 minutes atleast during whatsapp video call

Journeyman III

So everytime I update to this version my whole computer lags and I’m trying to play the mw2 beta any suggestions? 

Do you have this setting on this option ? 




Hey Marcus not sure if it would help doesnt affect all systems but for mine and a few mates turning ANTI LAG OFF mad a MASSIVE difference on Warzone and MW2 Beta . On my system if i have it on it drops MANY of my games very badly . My warzone was sitting at 40FPS  weird yeah , turned ANTI LAG OFF and bam upto 200 FPS again and also removed the micro stutters i seemed to have on many games. Hope it helps and all systems different etc but that helps me big time mate . 

Thanks for the insight. This stopped all the microstutters I was experiencing and bumped my frame rates back over 200 at the same time. Good advice.

Current system: MSI Mag x570 Tomahawk wi-fi,Samsung 2tb 970 evo plus nvme (2), 2tb 860evo ssd (1) 870 evo 500gb ssd (1), Ryzen 7 5800X 4.3ghz , 32gb Patriot Steel series ddr4 3200 ram, Power Color Liquid Devil RX6950 XT 16g, Silverstone ST1200PTS PSU. Custom water cooling, EKW components, Phanteks Enthoo full tower case. Windows 10 pro 64.

Glad it made a difference matey , really made a difference for me , was so disappointed brand new rig and ran worse than my old gtx 970 LOL . Till turned that setting of and HAPPY DAYS 


I installed it also but now the overlay completly gone and i cant get my settings up with ALT R 8-( and my wall paper engine crashes also so weird. If i go back to older ver all works accept for COD beta LOL 8-(

Stick to 22.5.1 i use wallpaper engine to and with same settings on 22.9.1 i can speedrun blackscreens under 2 minutes on windows 11 22h2 with new flip model optimisations turned on with it turned off it takes longer to black screen and with 22.5.1 and it turned on it has no effect or any blackscreens again, today i saw another user post on reddit that also had black screens trigger the same way they trigger for me, so i guess drivers aren't stable at all.

My guess is the video decoder that caused issues with enchanced sync got updated to not cause problems with enchanced sync but now always causes those issues even with it turned off, so either AMD is lying about enchanced sync being fixed and forcing enchanced sync to be on all the time or it never was broken and the video decoder being broken currently.

New flip model optimisations is something you wanna turn on especially with freesync monitor.

Adept I

Yup, seeing the same here. I just got my first AMD/Radeon card in about a decade, so this really threw me off when I thought I had already downloaded the latest driver. Highly recommend getting this fixed to avoid confusing new (or old!) users even further.