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Journeyman III

regular FPS drop/lag every ~half second after update to 18.5.1


I have RX480 and i updated my drivers today to version 18.5.1 (clean install option) and something is wrong -  i get fps drop with screen lag every ~1 second. Before driver update everything was fine, game ran smoothly on 120fps (cap). Switching to vsync "on" helps a little but not resolves problem. I dont know driver version prior to update but it was from something dated ~06/2017 and it worked well, now it is bad.

Game is Wolfenstein 2, here is video with statistics, look closely to lags as i move my screen around, also have a look on red spikes and fps drops on statistics in upper right corner.

I tried changing various game settings, i even went to "LOW" settings but it the same problem on low or high settings.

I also tried PUBG and Mass Effect 3, same thing happens so it is not game dependant.

GPU is not throttling, temperatures are fine, nothing beside driver update changed.

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DDU in safe mode -> 18.6.1 clean install.

Hello, unfortunately this didn't help. It was good at the beginning and i was already thinking it worked  but after 10 seconds from loading game it started again.

I also tried to turn off amd-freesync (i have screen supporting it) but this was also not the case. Now i am changing various graphical options in game but at the moment nothing seems to work.


Do you have 2 monitors connected?


Only 1 monitor, also i made sure integrated cpu graphic card is disabled in bios.


Please try updating to 18.6.1 and let me know if you experience the same issue.