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Regretting ever buying AMD

I have a A7-9700 with R7 IGPU. Bought to avoid the need for a discrete GPU as I'm not a gamer. Utterly abismal performance. My CAD software's built in graphic perormance check reports 12fps.

So, I bit the bullet and bought an RX500 GPU. It improves the CAD performance to 112 fps, which is great. Except I get no audio.

The Windows Settings->Sound->Troubleshoot lists "AMD High Definition Audio Device The connectro for this device is located in  the HDMI connector" (3 TIMES!?), but if I select one of the and ask it to trouble shoot it is says: "The device does not appear to be plugged in. Check the connection, plug in the device, then click next".

I've verified that the monitor will play audio supplied vis its HDMI input by connecting a FireStick. Works fine.

If I connect the motherboard video to the same monitor using the D-SUB connector, and the motherbaord audio out to the monitor audio-in jack, and enable "duplicate these displays" in the windows->Settings->Display->Multiple displays drop-down, and switch the monitors input to the D-SUB port I get audio (via realtex drivers).

But enabling "duplicate these displays" halves the graphics performance to 55-58 fps.

And the AMD Radeon Software is entirely useless as it doesn't even mention audio, despite that it installed the Audio drivers that do not work.

Having been buying AMD processors since 2002 (Athlon XP) -- cause what enthusiast didn't want to support the little guy -- I'm now faced with throwing this system in the bin and buying intel/nvidia. At least their stuff seems to work.

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Can you post your computer setup hardware and software?

you must mean you installed a RX 500 series GPU card. There are no RX 500 GPU Cards.

Some motherboards have a BIOS update to fix the RX 580 sound issues. Since you didn't post your motherboard's Make & Model nor BIOS version installed,  I don't know if yours is one of them.

Try installing a previous RX 5xx AMD Graphics driver and see if you have audio output?

Are you using an adapter from the GPU card to the Monitor?.

See if you are able to install the RX 500 series GPU card in another computer to see if you get audio output or not. 


I couldn't work out how to attach a file here, so I'm embedding the full cpu-z report for my system below. I did, but then I couldn't post because I'd exceeded some dumb arbitrary  size limit! Gah.

Tell me how I can get a 99kb text/159kb html file to you?

Sorry, typo. The GC is a Radeon RX550/550 Series.

I don't have any "previous driver" -- first install -- nor any way to obtain one as the only way to install drivers is to use your Adrenalin behemoth; which reports itself as: version 2021.0413.1252.23166 (why can't I copy&paste that?)

The monitor is connected directly using an HDMI cable.

I don't have "another computer" in which to try this.


It'd be nice if I was notified of replies here.







Here is AMD Download page for Previous RX550 drivers (~6 months or so):

If you need an older version than download it from 3DGURU website.

I read one website thread that the User downgraded his BIOS to a very early version and got his RX 580 Audio to work:

MSI does have a BIOS Update to fix the RX 500 series Audio output issues and I believe so does one or two other Motherboard manufacturers.

NOTE: In the old AMD Format you were able to upload and attach a Maximum of 5 Megabyte file to your replies but that has been deleted from this new AMD Format.

Also in the new AMD Format the Maximum Image size is I believe 3 MB large. Anything larger and you will get an error saying the image has exceeded the Maximum image size.



Sorry, but random trials of older versions, other machines, and attempting to fix AMD's mistakes by burning new/old/different bios versions is not floating my boat.

I went through this over a year ago when trying to configure the R7 iGPU.  The then current version of Adrenaline simply refused to recognise that it was running on AMD hardware. 6 months of to and fro with AMD support and AMDs software never could detect AMDs hardware. 

Total amateur hour.

Like I said. I regret buying AMD; and after 30 years of doing so, will never do so again

for 3-4 generations prior to 2019, i exclusively had nvidia, due to bad ati drivers in the past.

2019 i decided to buy a radeon VII. awesome hardware, especially the memory. 

after almost a year, as soon as the first 2020 driver dropped, i started having massive driver problems.

so i stayed at the last 2019 driver, up until april 2020. AMD never cared to fix their driver.

so i switched to a 2080 super.

now in the beginning of 2021, i bought a 6900xt red devil. worked flawless.

up until the april drivers, when the Radeon Software keeps crashing.

so i guess history repeats. if that is not fixed fast, i will ban amd gpus from my household for years to come.

5900x, 6900XT Red Devil

AMD never cared to fix their driver.

That's the worst part of all this. AMD 'support' only has one answer: Try changing everything else except our software.

It seems now they've cracked the HPC market, they don't give a flying fig for the enthusiasts that saw them through the (many) lean years.


Did you update the driver via windows update or from amd direct? Windows driver update does not always play ball. Device drivers I always install myself and have window driver updates disabled.

If the previous drivers were working fine downgrade to those.