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Adept I

refresh rate locked at 30hz

window locked refresh rate at 30hz after wake up from monitor sleep mode

i tried at some update, even this new update but still not fixed yet

anybody has this issue? can be solved?


i7 9700k

rx 5500xt oc 8gb

mpg z390 gaming pro carbon

ram 16 gb

psu 650W +80 bronze



4 Replies

How is your monitor (Make & Model) connected to your GPU card? 

With a Adapter or straight cable?

What was the refresh rate before Windows went to sleep?

my monitor is viewsonic vx2458 c-mhd

i use DP 1.2 cable and straight way

144hz refresh rate before sleep

Did the monitor reset its rate? Try making sure the monitor is still at its properer settings to make sure the issue is not in the monitor itself.

If the monitor seems good try shutting the system off, then place the button on the PSU in the back to off, then press and hold the power button on the case until you see the fans spin for a sec or any RGB light blink on and off. This will purge all power from the system resetting any changes windows sleep/power control mode may have done. Then turn the PSU to on and start normally.

If no success with that go into the display settings/adapter advanced properties/ first tab called Adapter and go to show all display modes. You should see a list of all the display resolutions and speeds possible with your system, select and apply the one you want.

Good luck.



i checked everything, even gpu software, n triad a lot setting but no use


this issue will fixed temporary with re start pc or restart monitor, but every into sleep mode, that issue will come back again