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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Red Screen of Death R7-260X (Gigabyte)

Red Screen of Death, system reboots with all drivers from 13.14 to current Omega (05/26/2015)

System Configuration

Windows 8.1 Pro

AMD A10-7850K

Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H Rev 3.1

Gigabyte R7-260X GV-R726XWF2-2GD Rev 2.0

Crucial MX100 256GB

16GB Crucial DDR3-1600

Thermaltake 650 PSU

Default setting no overclock.

RSOD and Black SOD.

Removed all drivers and reinstalled, removed all reference in registry to AODdriver4.2.0 and below, removed AODdriver 4.3 as well. shutdown services for Raptr. issue has seem to resolved. Need to here from other to ensure issue is repeatable and resolvable.


Issue resolved by installing new Crimson Driver, and enabling the XMP memory profile for my motherboard. I had made a very simple mistake, by forgetting to enable the XMP profile for my 1866 ram on a board that requires it, as the base ram clocking is 1600. After doing this the RSOD slowed down to just 1 a day, instead of very time I turned around. And the addition of the new Crimson Driver has fully resolved the issue. I have also removed RAPTR from the computer, as I did not use the software, and replaced it functions with OBS.

I was able to verify the resolution by fresh loading Windows 10, with old drivers and disable XMP profile, to recreate the exact RSOD again. After testing, reapplied the corrective methodology, and issue is no longer present.  Note: had issue still been present after resolution changes, this would have been direct indication of failure of hardware, thus requiring RMA to resolve. As no such failures have occurred since, I would consider this issue resolved.

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