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Red Dead Redemption 2 mGPU bugged with Vulkan

mGPU works fine in other supporting games but fails to work in Red Dead Redemption 2 (tested with 20.9.x / 20.10.1).

Using DX12 and mGPU enabled I get ~50 FPS (4k high). Around about single GPU performance indicating some issue.

Using Vulkan and mGPU I get ~24 FPS - about half what I expect from a single card.  

Has anybody else noticed weird behavior with RDR2 and mGPU or have any setting tricks?

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Sorry, after a reboot or two 20.10.1 appears to be behaving in terms of performance with both DX12 and Vulkan. And the newer drivers have resolved some issues with the overlay not showing the correct (or any) usage on the secondary GPU.