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Journeyman III

Recordings since update 22.3.1 seem to be in limited RGB

There seem to be an issue where any recording is now in limited RGB, making the colours look much worse, even compared ot just taking a screenshot with AMD software



The two pictures at in order, the screenshot that looks like how it normally looks on my screen, and the second one is a snapshot from a recording where the colours are off.

Screenshot.pngScreenshot of a recording.png

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Adept I

Yes i have also found that since 22.3.1 the HEVC encoder can be overloaded causing the card to crash, had to step down a couple settings (mainly resolution down from 1440p to 1080p and lower bitrate) to solve it, rather unfortunate but i guess fixable.

Note, that only happens in games that fully utilize the GPU, no issues with <90% utilization titles.