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Journeyman III

Recording Instant Replay with GOXLR

Anybody know of a solution for Instant Replay, while using GOXLR? 

Since I can not choose an output for the recording, they obviously choose the default "System"-audio. Only problem is now with the goxlr I use a separate game-audio-channel and therefore my clips only capture my microphone, and my discord-conversation, but with no in-game audio. Any fixes for this or do AMD need to let us choose an audio-output? (and yes, I know I can just drop the separate game-channel and just use it with the sytem-audio, but Im lazy and want to use the full potential of the mixer)

An easy solution in my eyes would be to let us use the "Broadcast Stream Mix" output on the goxlr for recording in Radeon, so we can choose exactly what audio we want the clips to contain. 

Thanks for input in advance.

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