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Journeyman III

Recently bought a new pc but Gpu fan is showing 0rpm is that normal or i have any problem GPU(RX580 8gb) intell core i7 3rd gen

I just bought a new pc and fan is showing 0rpm is that normal or i have anything wrong

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Adept I

Hi, Same issue here even worst but not same card & drivers

I have bought an AMD Radeon RX 460 Sapphire Nitro  4G  GDDR5 OC

I am absolutely not able to play on Albion Online & it seems to come from my Graphic drivers with 20.1, 20.2 even others versions Beta or not because i have tested  several of the latest releases.

Only this game or program, software crash so completely & is fully unplayable. I have had some issues with other softs or programs but never like with this  game / prgm...

17.12.1 WHQL seemed working Well with my settings but i have never tried  18.1 & next drivers versions trackings...

I truly don't understand these issues

my settings:

Windows 10 Home / Family; version 1909; OS_Build: 18363.657 Fully Up to date

Thanks in advance for your Support / advices...


This is where and how to select the correct driver for your graphics card: 


Done  & same thing it didn't work. I will send U joint-files to make thing clear & more  easy to understand for your technicians, experts.


The technicians and experts are not here. To report a issue to AMD > 

Start your own thread...this has nothing to do with the OP.


Thanks for your answers & support Kingfish & for the Important link.

And, Sorry again for my post on the wrong thread but it has sime similarities ... Though, U're Right here


There is a option in the control RPM. If that is checked...


No it doesn't' work for me; It's the only game, program make bug the system I told. I know this settings & it doesn't make anything. Even Red or black screen with this soft when crashes occur...

I am not able to run only this game properly & their support teams doesn't help they don't understand i wrote them

Sorry for my english language.

Adept I

I have an Asrock card.  They have a program to tweek many variables, including the fan profile.  Check with your manufacturer for something similar.