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Journeyman III

Read this for black screen and driver crash issues

I've been having this issue for a long time now, always preferred AMD over nvidia, but I've been struggling with this issue for 2 years now across a variety of hardware, so this is my last ditch attempt before I just get some other GPU.

I think I have narrowed down the issue to either freesync or high frequency monitors which somehow creates problems to AMD monitors. If you have either of those and have black screen/driver crash issues, please leave your configuration in comments and hopefully AMD will read and do something about it.

Old computer

i7-4820k, RX580, 16GB ram. Worked flawlessly for several years, changed my monitor along the way, and then about a year after getting the new monitor(144hz, freesync), after a driver update, I started getting driver crashes and black screens a lot.

New computer

R7 5800x, RX 6800 XT, 32GB of ram, completely different computer, same problem. The only shared part is basically the monitor. The black screens are a lot less frequency, but they do happen. Coincidentally, my old computer stopped having issues entirely. I still use it for remote work, so it has an old 60 hertz monitor. Working flawlessly, no crashes since then.

To recap, we have a bug that has been plaguing AMD drivers for more than 2 years now, the same bug has appeared on two completely different computers, with one of the only shared part being the monitor. The only similarity between both computers when it had the bug was the monitor.

Since there doesn't seem to be any way to get actual support from you AMD, please do something about it. If this persists for more than 3 months I am just gonna sell all my parts and never don't AMD again.

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You have to use the bug reporting tool while providing compelling evidence to even get their most fleeting attention to a problem.  They have know issues with black screens, flickering screens and signal loss to more than one monitor on the 6xxx cards.  AMD tried to blame Chrome for the problem but hard to do that when it isn't even running while the issue occurs. 

I run high quality 8k rated DP 1.4 cables to my monitors but they can only send what the card gives them.  If I attach any of my laptops to the same setup they do not drop signal and display all day long without issue.

My AIB 6900 xt drops signal to my 2nd monitor, a BenQ running LG nano IPS 3440x1440 at 144hz at random intervals irrespective of how its being used and what software is open but keeps the signal to my primary monitor LG 38" 3840x1600 144hz nano IPS.

Adrenaline 22.11.2 was supposed to contain the fix for this issue but it doesn't work.  Disabling MPO doesn't stop it either.  The only solution that many people have found is to move back to NVidia gpu's which is expensive ATM.

Needless to say once I replace this GPU I will not be running any AMD hardware for the foreseeable future apart from my 5800h laptop which I made sure had a rtx 3060 in it.

Adept II

I have been getting the same suspicion as well. Most of my black screen driver time out crashes started occurring after I got a 144Hz freesync monitor. No released driver version since nov 2020 has fixed this issue for me, it only mitigates or worsens it depending on the version.

Currently on 22.5.1 and with dual monitor setup it was just unstable a.f. but also so random I stopped using dual monitors. Even with my 144Hz freesync I still have to occasional black screen driver time out crash.

What is odd is they do most freqyently occur after pc wakes up from sleep mode/S3. This mostly has issues on laptops when you read into it, but the AMD gpu driver get incredibly unstable when the pc has been in sleep mode.

The only solution I currently have left to test whether it's not weird gpu hw issue, is switching to a Linux Distro that has good freesync and multi monitor support. Something with the Wayland display server. 
Most feedback I have read from people having made this switch on AMD hardware was due to experienced instability of gpu drivers on Windows. i will update my own thread on the forum here to share my experiences, but waiting for a second nvme before doing the switch.

So If your no adverse to running and gaming on Linux you could give it a try. 

Journeyman III

I have the sAme issue. Samsung g5 144hz 1440p. Always free sync. Rx 6700, ryzen 7 5800 Display port crashes from time time. I noticed i cant watch full screen yt, disney. Sometimes kt crashes during these screen flicks when game is loading. Once it crashed when it loaded b screen in assasin creed oddysea. Adrenaline edition crashes more often than pro. AMD fix it please,  wanna buy 240 full hd also to play r6 siege. I saw other topic as well, where ppl was trying everything to fix it by themselves. I don't want Sacrifice smart system access for no crashing intel, Nvidia. Cuz one guy changed gpu and problem still appeared. 


back to 22.11.2

MSI B550 Pro-VDH - MSI 6600XT - Ryzen 5600G
Journeyman III

GPU from amd is some kind of joke, playing witcher3 and suddenly black screen and have to install drivers again, i've had enough, i will never buy anything from amd again, now i understand why nvidia gpu are more expensive

Same, amd is trash unseen, never again.!! Literally 1300€ thrown away, good job amd.! what a mockery of a company you are, unbelievable, a little advice, don't sell people fog and lies, shame on you.!!