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RE4 remake 4k performance in game newer drivers vs older drivers

right click save as to view a small clip of gameplay its not exactly a boss and its not really plot relevant so its probably fine as far as spoilers go its fishing on the lake on a boat.

anybody with a 5700xt ryzen 5700G x570 board 32GB RAM and a samsung 850 qvo SSD with windows 11 insider and latest AMD drivers owns RE4 remake?

Strangely enough there is a 4k cinematics option you can leave enabled when gaming in 1080p.. and it games faster and looks better when the 4k cinematics are running sort of kinda? in RE4. theres a transition where you can see it drop back down to 1080p for me. I had to 1080p for all max settings but i was only running like 150% rendering quality scaling. My 8GB 5700XT cant do more than 1080p 120hz over HDMI 2.0B with HDR/truecolor 12bit RGB 444. though I didnt actually enable HDR i typed it in for the OS outside of the game in the config.ini files.

Since its a 4k120hz card with DP 1.4 with DSC it should be gaming at like 5k+ normally at all ultra im guessing. as it still seems to do 60frames well enough when set to variable 120hz display (freesync is 60 on my TV i think?) 

Since computers used to be single core and game on puny GPU's and cache and specs and RAM nowadays you have 8 cores that are more gigahz and should be gaming like 4 games at once 1080p no sweat on a 4k120hz game. I tried using registry to increase the directx12/11 featurelevels as well both min and max. The performance seems okay but I dont know if im getting the correct HDMI bandwidth or uhh Why does 4k video in same colorspace work perfect then 4k gameplay stuttery? is there an older driver that might let me not stuttery 4k? Is the vram usage correct as i toggle more stuff on at 1080p it shows like 12.6 GB or was it 17GB at ultra? that cant be right all 1080p res no matter how high render resolution is actually just 1080p res in terms of bits and file size. the other stuff is mathematics and doesnt take much RAM its numbers and happens to one pixel and gets the math across all pixels its part of the analog and infinity and algebra and SIMD.. I dont have a displayport monitor but if i did, what crazy VRAM usage would this game require at all max just uhh motion blur and depth of field off and 150% render. at both 4k and 1080p 120hz variable Vsync disabled? Whats the difference in 44412bit RGB 150% render between 4k and VRAM usage and if you type things like fullcolorvolume and BT2390 and add extra color bitdepth and use 10bit display panel output in the adrenaline drivers and install the latest adrenaline+ chipset drivers and browse to c:\AMD\packages\chipset and run every EXE in every folder you can to properly install the chipset drivers.. set all the adrenaline up correctly with overriding8xEQsupersampling and 64xtessellation and surface optimization 16xANISO just turn on antilag and freesync and disable HDCP i guess?

could i get you to see what kinda stupid crazy VRAM it needs at 1080p and 4k on ultra no motion blur or depth of field and test both displayport w/wo DSC maybe if thats like a thing and HDMI see if theres more or less stutter or higher full HDR and color possible and at higher resolutions i've a HDMI 2.1 4k samsung Q90A55 from a number of years ago but its still a neoqled and miniLED quantum display so i should be able to handle 4k easy enough. 5700xt says 4k120 on the box? is there a bug with memory usage

Keep in mind a 4k netflix webstream is about 15megabits. And a HDR one is still about the same 15megabits. thats maybe 5.1 or stereo dolby digital 5.1 is 640kbits DDplus is a tiny bit higher 7.1 same AC3 format just higher bit rate but optimized for web streaming with maybe something like VBR or DSC or modern adaptive quality the HDMI bandwidth for 4k video or gameplay and VRAM usage should be stuff all puny to use all 8GB over piddling puny 4k video output when a texture file for whole sky is maybe 512x512 and like 2kilobytes or 4kilobytes and can be infinitely expanded or divided. speaking of which i maybe forgot to type ABR VBR into my config file. it looks and feels better now a tiny bit maybe.

i do use the AMD words like UHBR but oooh i could try UABR and UVBR. hmm guess i'll update again soon possibly. shame i dont know how to turn on DSC for HDMI. for now im going with UZTX and UVRS and UHDMI doesnt seem to work? any luck with you guys?



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