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Raven Ridge drivers


I know, that Raven Ridge in desktop is quite a new product, but software support for these two processors is quite strange.. With AMD products I am used to type in Google search, I find Driver tab, and I have two ways how to download drivers.. When I am lazy, I choose "Auto Detect", when I am not, I can find the right driver myself.. What was my surprise, when I bought Ryzen 3 2200g. None of these options was good.. Auto detect did not find any driver, and manually chosen coulnd not be installed. My solution was using google and finding special page for this ravenridge processors.

My first question is, why the only driver for this APU (Vega8/11) is version 17.7 (when other gpus from AMD were updatet to 18.3.1).

Second question is, why it is not possible to install gpu drivers for my dedicated GPU, which is RX560, when it is possible to install drivers for dedicated Nvidia gpus.

p.s.: one thing I noticed.. my Raven Ridge+ polaris combo in MSI motherboard enabled both GPUs (not crossfire).. which was called Dual Graphics previously. I think it was not presented as a feature with Raven Ridge which is pity. I can just change gpu powering monitor by switching HDMI port from motherboard to Polaris and back..

My specs:

Ryzen 3 2200g

2x8GB Corsair 3200MHz

Sapphire RX560 2GB

MSI B350 Tomahawk

Windows 10 latest version

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Adept III

Hello mate,

i asked about this mr. ray_m and he wrote that in future our APU will be combined in Adrenalin driver, no exact ETA from which driver it will be.


well, I use dedicated RX560 with my APU so I don't really need the latest drivers for APU, but i would really like to have the latest drivers for my RX560, which I currently can't, because of "no drivers found" error


If you don't need both GPUs active, did you tried to disable APU in BIOS then install driver for RX560?


I believe to install the Discrete GPU drivers you do need to disable in BIOS from using the iGPU. Changing it to use PEG (or PCIe) instead of iGPU when your computer boots up.

Otherwise it seems like you are trying to install a Discrete GPU driver on a iGPU. Which will give you an error.


I choosed PEG in bios, but that is the only option I can make.. There is no button/slider to disable iGPU, unfortunately :/


If you want to make your Discrete GPU card initialize first when booting up, you select PEG/PCI  instead of iGPU or PCI/PEG in BIOS. Every BIOS is different for each Motherboard. Need to look at the Motherboard's Manual to see how to configure BIOS and what it means.

Downloaded your motherboard's Manual and found the settings to pick whether you want the iGPU or dGPU to boot first:
IGD is selected will boot with your motherboard or APU onboard graphics
PEG is selected will boot with your PCIe GPU card first.
One thing I am not sure of is that in Laptops the drivers for the APU also installs the driver for the Discrete GPU card in the laptop. But since you have a Desktop Ryzen APU it seems like you need to install two drivers. One for the APU and one for the Discrete GPU card. Since a Desktop is not restricted to one type of Discrete GPU card like the laptops are, the Desktop APU drivers should only apply to the APU and not the discrete GPU card.
When your motherboard is using both the iGPU and dGPU together, it is called Dual Graphics. Only works if the APU and GPU are similar. It something like being in Crossfire. Maybe that is why you can't install the RX5xx driver since the APU driver is using the RX GPU card in Dual Graphics mode. I don't know if setting your BIOS to PEG will disable the Dual Graphics mode or not.

What if you try to disable via device manager RX Vega 11 graphics? while connected via RX560? :-)


Good question. I don't know. I don't have a motherboard with onboard graphics or APU.


I have that option, but i don't want to know what would happen if i disable it? :-D without dedicated gfx card.


I tried this now.. Vega8 just disappeared from Radeon Setting, but i can't install newer driver for my RX560, which has only 17.7 driver installed by drivers for R3 2200G.. When I try to install 18.3.1, error " couldn't find drivers for your system" appears.. I don't like the fact that this amazing processor prevents users of AMD dedicated graphics cards from using latest drivers


no, Dual graphics means, that I can choose, which GPU is rendering image on my screen without restarting the system, but they do not work at the same time..

there is no such setting in BIOS to disable iGPU, i can just choose, which I want to prioritize for boot


this from AMD: Radeon™ Dual Graphics FAQ | AMD

From the link above:

What is AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics?

AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics is an innovative technology exclusive to AMD platforms that allows AMD APUs and select AMD Radeon™ discrete GPUs to work together. When combined, the platform delivers stunning quality and performance capabilities that are better than either device alone.

Does that explanation from AMD say it DOESN'T WORK TOGETHER!. Anyways, the link says Dual Graphics only work with A series APU. Unless they made the Ryzen APU to work with Dual Graphics. I don't know. I was just going by your original post about having Dual Graphics enabled.

As for the Manual, I went to MSI Support in inputted your Motherboard (MSI B350 Tomahawk) and downloaded the Manual to check the BIOS settings for your board. That is the picture I took from the PDF file of the Manual. Let me download it again and attach the .PDF file to this post. You can check it out yourself and save it for future reference. Unless your Motherboard Make & Model is incorrect.



I have manual for my motherboard, but theory written in the manual is one thing and reality in bios is the other.. As you can see from my screenshot, the option to disable iGPU is missing, so it looks like a bug of current version of MSI bios :/



Anyways, According to your image, BIOS is setup to boot with the Discrete GPU card (PEG). I imagine if you clicked on "Primary Video Adaptor" it will give you a choice of either PEG or IGD.


funny thing this manual you found.. because in my bios there are only two settings.. PRIMARY VIDEO ADAPTER and  UMA FRAME BUFFER SIZE.. the one, which should disable iGPU is missing


I attached the B350 Tomahawk MSI Motherboard Manual to the previous post. But it is invisible because it needs to be approved by one of the moderators. The post is invisible because of JIVE to protect the Forum from malicious website links or downloads.

I also showed you that you are wrong about what Dual Graphics means in that same post.


yes, I made a mistake with Dual Graphics.. the technology I meant is Switchable Graphics.. Because both dGPU and iGPU are enabled, and I can switch them by plugging HDMI cable in the motherboard or in the graphics card.. So it should be possible for AMD to enable this feature in drivers on software level, as it was back in time of my first notebook with Llano APU..


That cleared that up. Thanks.


RX 5xx series GPU cards only have drivers for Windows 7 & 10.

From AMD Support Driver Download Page:

Radeon™ RX 500 Series​​


elstaci is right on what hes saying. Do a bios update on your motherboard I suspect it needs it if the duel graphics enabling & disabling section on first priority boot. As all motherboards between Craptel & AMD are the same. I supect you havnt done the bios update to properly utilize the new micro code built in. As if your using the RX 560 as a primary card it should automatically take over & load up the driver & should be realistically be able to diable the integrated graphics options.

I am not a newbie I have latest drivers and bios version for sure, as you can see in screenshots..


Adept III

I'm afraid only solution is to as i said wait for Adrenalin driver that will combine APU + dedicated GPU to have all latest fixes and goodies included.

Hi spajdr, do you have any idea when those Adrenalin drivers(the ones combining APU and dGPU) will be released and in the interim are there any current or older drivers like that?