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Adept I

Rasterization order with Vulkan and Adrenaline 20.12.1

Does anybody know if there are there any rasterization order issues related to adrenaline 20.12.1 on Vulkan on RX 5700?

I have a hard to debug bug where some UI elements are not rasterized in the new driver (the old driver worked fine, and I do not experience this in any other GPU/Vendor). The UI relies on rasterization order to cull pixels, so there is no depth buffer.

The problem is that sometimes some quads are simply not rendered, depending on the render call that was done before.

RenderDoc shows the element as being rendered, but then in the subsequent draw call, the element just disappears from the framebuffer as if it was never drawn.

I tough maybe the driver is optimizing the order somehow, and wanted to try the amd rasterization order extension, but is unavailable for the device.

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