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Drivers & Software

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Raptr observations

I installed gaming evolved today...the first thing out of the box is two pop-ups and a screen notice that there was a update for my drivers and to download them now. I have ver. 15.8 and rapetor wants me to update to 15.7.1.

I wanted to check what raptors' "optimizations"  does to my custom game settings (CCC). I have the R9 290. My assumption was that the settings would lower, to show a higher FPS. I was surprised to see just the opposite...for me at least. The "Recommended" setting was quality. (Keep in mind that I looked for these actual changes, not just clicked the big OPTIMIZE NOW button like the majority will do.) I tried one of the 'optimized' settings on FC4. Result ? Low frame rates 20-30 and sluggish mouse. Why? Every setting was set to it's highest/max. All the other games were the same. If I was a newcomer to AMD and installed gaming evolved and used their "OPTIMIZE GAMES" choice, I might become upset at my gaming performance....and AMD.

Edit: None of the "Optimized" settings used my VSR screen setting of 2560x1600 and used the native 1920x1200.